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Mol'Ecol and 


Molecular Ecology and Epidemiology in R 


Description of the course :


Through an integrated curriculum that combines basic laboratory techniques, statistical programming, and epidemiological and ecological theory, students will gain skills to answer scientific hypotheses that utilize molecular tools. The workshop will be a combination of hands on activities (both data generation, statistical computing, and laboratory) and lectures. Students who are already actively involved in research related to these topics are encouraged to participate.


See below for eligibility.


The course is free to attend and students and scientists studying at universities outside of Tana are also especially encouraged to apply (costs of travel, by land, will be offered to students requiring assistance).

The course will be taught in English but instructors will be available to further explain in Malagasy and/or French when needed.



Workshop Idea Center (Ankorondrano) and Mahaliana Labs (Amboditsiry), Antananarivo



July 1-5, 2019

Eligibility and criteria:

  • University students, graduate students  (L3, M1, M2, doctoral students) or recent graduates in the fields of biology, ecology, epidemiology, or medicine

  • Good academic record including university course work in biology, ecology, and/or public health

  • Demonstrated interest in research topics in ecology and epidemiology that involve molecular methods (methods involving the analysis of nucleic acids and/or antibodies)

  • We strongly encourage applications for students not from Tana

  • Note that prior research with molecular methods is not required

Applications are closed

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