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Call for internship applicants


DESMV, Mahaliana Labs, and the Princeton Environmental Institute (USA) are offering internships for 6th year veterinary students for the project:


“Poultry Farming, the trade network and Newcastle’s Disease in Antananarivo”


Antananarivo is a growing city of more than two million inhabitants. Poultry farming flourishes informally across the city, providing food security and an income stream for many households. Yet, devastating poultry diseases affect the livelihood of farmers, and the potential of known mitigation strategies remains uncharacterized. Understanding the poultry farming practices and the trade networks in unregulated systems can inform policy decisions concerning disease prevention and containment.


Interns on this project will map both farms and markets as well as the exposure to important poultry diseases across the city in order to expand our understanding of this aspect of food security and inform a unique feature of the urban environment of cities in resource poor settings.


The intern will work with a team that includes students from Princeton University to design surveys and map both poultry farm and trade networks. Surveys will include questions on costs, benefits, vaccination practices, seasonality and demography of poultry farming practices. Students will participate in survey deployment from April to August 2019 and data collation.

Students will develop a knowledge of survey design, and survey deployment, as well as knowledge of mapping techniques.


Interns will also acquire skills in laboratory work and analysis of epidemiological data.


Selected interns must:

  • Be a veterinary student in 6th Year and willing to conduct a veterinary thesis project on one or more aspect of this study.

  • Be available to work on this project from April 15th to September 15th

  • Be able to speak Malagasy fluently

  • Have a good level of English (Read, Spoken & Written)


Additional English training will be provided to selected candidates.


Applicants must submit a CV and Statement of Interest to the link below before March 20th:

For any questions, please email

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