Diagnostic and Laboratory services

Mahaliana manages a Biosafety Level 2 (BSL2) laboratory in Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar and serves veterinarians, physicians, ecologists and the public by providing fast, reliable and accurate laboratory testing in Madagascar.


Because of the limited availability of laboratory services in Madagascar,  researchers usually have to export samples to an European or American laboratory to complete their studies. As a consequence, it may take months or even years to obtain results from research projects and animal health evaluation. This may impede identifying and addressing animal health and conservation challenges in a timely manner.

With Mahaliana:

  • Avoid the long and complicated process of sample exportation/importation.

  • Avoid bringing temperature-sensitive biological materials on long flights by processing them in country. 

  • Obtain results within a couple of days.

Mahaliana partners with reference laboratories around the world and draws on international expertise in order to provide the best possible diagnostic service.​

Mahaliana offers a variety of laboratory and diagnostic services such as:

  • Sample storage & processing

  • Veterinary parasitological analysis

  • Necropsy

  • Histopathological evaluation

  • Hematological and biochemistry tests.

Veterinary tests

Molecular techniques are used for a wide range of applications including identifying species for taxonomic and forensic purposes, assessing the genetic diversity of endangered populations, rapid identification of emerging infectious diseases and health assessments of individuals and populations. 


Mahaliana offers:

  • DNA extraction,

  • DNA quantification (Qubit)

  • Amplification (PCR & qPCR),

Molecular analyses

Mahaliana provides laboratory space to those investigators who wish to take advantage of the equipment, facilities, services, and exceptional collaborative research environment in the Mahaliana laboratory.

Lab Space