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I am interested in the "One Health Concept" and promoting its' application in Madagascar while building the capacity of young Malagasy scientists.

Fidisoa Rasambainarivo

Fidisoa Rasambainarivo, DVM, PhD

I am a wildlife veterinarian interested in the ecological approaches of health and particularly the “One Health” concept and the field of “Conservation Medicine”. I study the multiple interactions between human, domestic animal and wildlife health in Madagascar.


My research interests focus on the potential impacts of humans and domestic animals on wildlife health in various ecosystems in Madagascar, looking at, for example the transmission of pathogens between humans, domestic animals and endemic lemurs, carnivores or rodents.


I obtained my veterinary degree from the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Sciences (DESMV) of the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar and a Master’s degree in epidemiology from the faculté de médecine vétérinaire of the Université de Montréal, Canada and a PhD in Biology (Ecology, Evolution and Systematics) at the University of Missouri Saint Louis, USA.

Thanks to approximately 15 years of experience working with captive and free-ranging wildlife from Madagascar as a veterinarian and a researcher, I have gained an in-depth knowledge on health and conservation issues facing Madagascar’s wildlife.


Journal articles

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- DC. Bublitz, Wright, PC., Bodager, JR., Rasambainarivo, FT., Bliska, JB., Gillespie, TR., 2014. Epidemiology of

Pathogenic Enterobacteria in Humans, Livestock, and Peridomestic Rodents in Rural Madagascar. PloS one



- FT. Rasambainarivo, RE Junge, and RJ Lewis. Biomedical evaluation for Verreaux’s sifaka from Kirindy

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evaluation for white fronted brown lemurs (Eulemur fulvus albifrons) from four sites in Madagascar. Journal of

Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 2008 39(4): 567–575.


Book chapter:


- Rasambainarivo, FT and Steven M Goodman., Diseases Risk to Endemic Animals from Introduced Species

on Madagascar. In Miller, R. E., Lamberski, N., & Calle, P. (Eds.). (2018). Fowler's Zoo and Wild Animal

Medicine Current Therapy, Volume 9. Elsevier Health Sciences.

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