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DESMV-PEI Student Interns (2019)

"I want to become a veterinarian because here in Madagascar raising livestock professionally and vaccinating livestock is still a neglected area.  I hope to someday run my own farm or work as a wildlife veterinarian." -Tatiana, 6th year Vet Student

"When I graduate, I want to become a wildlife veterinarian to help protect the environment.  During this internship I look forward to learning how to speak English fluently, learning how to analyze data, and learning more technical laboratory skills." -Johary, 6th year Vet Student

"When I graduate I plan to continue in academia and complete my PhD and eventually teach at the DESMV (Vet School).  I'm hoping to improve my knowledge and skills in molecular techniques in the lab." -Rojo, 6th year Vet Student

"I have liked animals since childhood, and grew up around veterinarians, which inspired me to study veterinary medicine.  I am interested in working as a veterinarian in a rural area in Madagascar and to contribute to the development of veterinary medicine in rural Madagascar." -Romario, 6th year Vet Student

"Once I graduate, I want to further my studies in infectious disease.  I eventually  want to start a farm of my own and pursue animal husbandry while helping other farmers.  During this internship I hope to improve my knowledge about analyzing data and acquire new skills." -Santatra, 6th year Vet Student 

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