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Liana ve ianao?

Mahaliana means "to spark interest" in the Malagasy language. With this organization, we aim to advance conservation science in Madagascar while "leveling the playing field for Malagasy scientists". The truth is, the majority of the science conducted and published on Madagascar is led by international researchers.  This is the result of poor infrastructure, lack of educational opportunity, and lack of resources for aspiring Malagasy scientists.  


Mahaliana Labs is a research and training center in Antananarivo the capital of Madagascar. Mahaliana consists of two wet labs and offices and is equipped for microscopic and molecular work (DNA extraction, PCR, qPCR and nanopore sequencing) to allow a wide range of analysis in country.  It constitutes a hub for many students and scientists conducting research and facilitates exchange and collaboration especially with Malagasy researchers. Mahaliana Labs has partnership with numerous institutions in Madagascar and internationally including the University of Antananarivo, University of Toamasina, Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group, Princeton University, the Saint Louis Zoo.


Mahaliana's team is composed by two scientists with wide experience in veterinary sciences, conservation biology and public health in Madagascar. In addition, a number of students and volunteer are complementing the team while conducting temporary research project.  



Co-founder and
Scientific Director

Liz Toomey

Co-founder and
Director of Programming and Training

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Learn about the  current & former students of Mahaliana and their research projects.

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