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Mahaliana Construction Update

Hello! Akory aby! Bonjour!

We are happy to announce that the physical construction of Mahaliana and virtual construction of our website have progressed significantly over these last few months. If you have not visited us at recently, please stop by--mandrosoa! We have added information about the initial lab & veterinary services we will be offering, as well as Zara-Sci, a crowd-sourcing platform aimed at increasing access to journal articles about Madagascar.

Here are a few photos of construction progress so far.....

This is the 'big lab' as of mid November 2018.

This is the 'small' lab as of mid November 2018.

This is the outside of Mahaliana as of mid November 2018. (That beautifully maintained vehicle is Fidy's 1972 VW Beetle.)

The conference room as of mid November.

We have come a long way since construction started in June 2018, but still have a few months left of work to do before becoming a fully functional molecular lab and training center. We appreciate your patience as we continue working toward our goal of an early 2019 opening.

If you are interested in helping to expedite the construction process and equip us with the rest of the tools needed to be able to open the lab, please consider checking out our GoFundMe page here:, and please share if possible.

Misaotra betsaka! Amin'ny manaraka indray (until next time)!

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